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20 September / Kotlin / Development

Sometimes you want to try out some code and you don’t want the hassle of having to start a new project in your IDE or might not have a machine to hand to run the code. So what are your options?

22 March / Android / Development

The problem: calling webview.hitTestResult on an anchor tag that has an image as a child element returns a hitTestResult with the type of SRC_IMAGE_ANCHOR_TYPE and the hitTestResult.extra is the src of the image and not the url of the anchor tag.

09 March / Development / GCP

Service accounts can be used to allow limited access control and can be used without the need for the usual web authentication journey that is typically used when authenticating the gcloud SDK. These are ideal for use in a CI setup.

21 September / Android / Development
08 July / kotlin / Development
30 June / Android / kotlin / Development

Live templates allow you to quickly add text to the current file. They are context aware so that only relevant templates for the current cursor location are shown.